What’s all the hype with Ceramic Coatings?


There are so many brands, so many options, and so many false advertisements geared to sell more product to detailers and subsequently, to you.  Bottom line, it is an investment, and must be carefully evaluated as such. 

Marketing is building the hype around something so that everyone wants it. In my industry, it is hitting cars with lighters, promising impossible rock chip resistance, and impossibly long warranties. I am here to share with you a few points of interest when shopping for a company to install a ceramic coating onto the surface of your vehicle. 


Does the ‘other guy’ you’ve already called or used:


  • Advertise a low price to get you in the door, and then double or triple the total amount?


  • Answer your questions honestly, and with your benefit in mind?


  • Promise the moon, sun, AND the stars with little to no inquiring of your goals?


  • Properly clean the paint using professional methods, ensuring an absolutely clean surface to polish to perfection?

  • Compound or Polish the paint to a perfectly refined surface prior to ceramic coating installation? This stuff is nearly permanent…


If you choose to call around, I would highly suggest speaking to the owner, and asking if they go through the rigorous steps listed below for preparation of the surface and proper installation.


You want to hear them talk about maximum surface clarity, no haze, no marring, no swirls, a crystal clear finish, and a guarantee of durability and long lasting results.


At Texas Shine, here is your experience:


  • Your car is thoroughly evaluated prior to any cleaning, to take note of any precautions we need to take, and to note any existing damages.


  • A gentle wash uncovers the true condition of the paint and allows us to proceed with proper surface cleaning and ‘exfoliation’.


  • Deep IronX chemical treatment and Clay Bar treatment fully remove embedded particles to give us a perfectly clean surface to perform a polish TEST SPOT. This test spot is essential to determining final price based on additional compounding or surface refinement needed.


  • All paint correction is carried out in a temperature controlled environment ensuring consistent results.


  • High powered LED’s are used during the paint correction stages to uncover damage or haze not seen by the naked eye. This single element alone guarantees a more “dialed in” finish and crisp reflections.


  • The vehicle is fully purged of all polishing reside, dust, and contaminants which could interfere with the ceramic coating process. Any remaining polishing oils or residues are wiped clean with surface prep.


  • CQuartz Professional is generously applied in 2 layers over the complete exterior. Door Jambs, Wheel faces, and Calipers are also coated.


  • All traces of coating application, or ‘high spots,’ are meticulously leveled, to guarantee a crystal clear finish. Once these streaks and smears harden, only polishing can remove them! We do it right the first time!


  • Your car is taken outside for a natural sunlight inspection, and to begin the curing process. This is the nearly finished result.


  • We install the license plates, any emblems removed for cleaning, and CQuartz Professional doorjamb sticker – your showpiece is ready for the open road!


  • You are given with a 2 month’s supply of maintenance supplies to guarantee the best possible cleaning regimen. ($50 Value)




  • We provide a one-on-one session to go over the proper care instructions and cleaning procedure to give you the confidence needed to maintain your ceramic finish! ($150 Value!)


If you want your car to look like the new car display ALL THE TIME, you are in the right place.

We will take care of your car as if it were our own, and teach you how to keep it looking like that for YEARS!

CQuartz Professional Chart

What do the other shops do wrong? I’ll sum it up for you….


They wash, clay and quickly polish your paint.


They don’t take the additional time to inspect their work.


They slather on too much product, or apply it too thin.


They don’t properly remove the coating residue.


They don’t take an extra day just to make sure everything is properly refined just right for that glowing image.


They just DON’T CARE. Not as much as we do, at least.


And they surely don’t give you anything for free.