Hi, I’m Nathan Alhades, Owner of Texas Shine Auto Detailing.  Not too long ago (about 2003), I got an itch to make some extra cash.  I took assistant position for a boat detail, earned my piece, and started my own business.  Humbly, I cannot take credit for branding Texas Shine Auto Detailing from the beginning, but after a few years of successfully operating a mobile detailing service, an opportunity presented itself in 2007 to take the helm of Texas Shine, which was located in Lakeway, TX.  As a younger man, dealing will high end cars and clientele, I excelled in customer service.  I knew without a charming personality, I wasn’t going to make a dime!  That was not entirely true… I also knew how to detail a car better than anyone had ever seen.  It was a one-two punch.

Fast forward 10 years, 2017, and we still follow the same principles and guidelines for customer service, process and procedure and consistent quality.  These traits have kept Texas Shine in business with great ratings, reviews, feedback, and stellar results since the beginning.  It is with this consistency in excellence and persistence that will ensure Texas Shine continues to reign supreme in a league of our own.

Please, join our club as you embark down the journey of luxurious car pampering, and learn the secrets of the professionals!